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Myself and over 20,000 other Cambridge citizens have gotten together and formed a new special disinterest group, the organization of unconcerned Cambridge Citizens.

We feel that the Politicians in this city are completely out of touch with we citizens who are completely out of touch with local politics.  Why is the city council always debating taxes, in law suites, Drayton theatre and the like? How can they claim they represent our views when we have no idea how any of that crap works? We will represent the views and beliefs of those in Cambridge who care the least. There are many of us non political activists who are not being heard. Unfortunately even the most unconcerned citizen risks getting caught up in all the politicking that is going to go on during the next 4 months or whenever the election is.  We just want to remind the electors that don’t care that no matter who wins they will spend the next four years or so just flapping their gums and then we can go back to non caring status. Our three main concerns and questions for those wishing to be elected are this 1. Where is the best place in Cambridge to get a hamburger? 2. Where can we find a job? 3. Where is the best place to hang out and do nothing?.  We urge all our members to contact the candidates in their ward and voice their inconcern to them, and let them know that we care more what is going to happen on the Celebrity Apprentice than what they do. It’s the only way to deal with politicians. I would let you know where we are meeting, but nobody can decide or really cares where so, we will see, or not.

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