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As someone who dabbles in writing, I am always looking for new ideas and as many do, I plan to write the Great Canadian novel.  Chances are good that it will never happen but, it is worth a shot.  And any good(or hack) writer needs inspiration and i get mine from the people and events that are around me, and so what better place to start then in my own City of Cambridge, looking around i think i have come up with some ideas and as such think that you the readers of the Advocate could help me decide on the topic. So here are some of my ideas.

The wit and wisdom of Lary Turner( Vol 1)

Doug,Ben and Drayton, A Love story

The Social life of Me(A short story)

The Hillis Family:The wild Years

The Idiots quide to Cambridge democracy

Fun Times I had in the Hespeler Jail..An Autobiography

Steve Green: Why I think the Chess team is cool

Everything Jim From knows about woman, but keeps to himself!

Cambridge Politics, the great moments in watching paint dry!

Rick Cowsill: How to make friends in Politics!

So that is just a few of my ideas, now i am going to lock my doors before the mayors flying Monkees come looking for me again.

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