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Well I was working on another story while watching the City hall Budget debate, but found it so fascinating that i have put that story on the background to bring you this little bit of drivel.

This is just a quick list of things that Rick Cowsill and Ben Tucci will probably never do together, or say to each other.

I don’t think that Rick will ever ask Ben to go to the washroom with him and if they do find themselves in the same washroom i am sure that Ben will not stand next to Ricks urinal if there is one open at the other end of the room.

I don’t think they will ever agree on what makes a fruit a fruit or a vegetable a vegetable or go figure skating together.

I know they definitely won’t dance around and blow bubbles together, and if they did they would just try to burst each others bubbles.

“Hey Rick, do these Jeans make me look fat?” or ” Hey Ben, i brought Quiche for lunch, wanta share?”

I am sure we will never see them at the mall together looking for the new JA Rule Disc.

And i am willing to take odds that the two of them will not be sitting next to each other at the first production that drayton puts on.

Some of the things that they may have in common though are interesting..neither one has in all likelyhood read chicken soup for the Soul,or worn lacy little thongs instead of underwear( we hope not).

Do you think either one has ever asked for directions when they have gotten lost?

And i bet neither of them would choke while chugging a pitcher of Beer.

And of course the one thing that both do have in common…neither of them have come over to my house to do my dishes!!!Yes, I am still waiting Rick and you can bring Ben, my Van needs cleaning!…UMMM, I wonder if Oprah is looking for a new topic for her show!!!

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