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While sitting in a little local bar last night with a few friends listening to a real crappy karaoke version of “Smoke on the Water” we began to reminisce about the bars and bands that used to play in the region. While the bars are now gone, to be replaced by little corner pubs and assorted other things the music is still there. Today try to find a top notch rock band in their prime or an incredible top flight show band that even comes close to the area, it is hard to find.
The Matador Tavern,Leisure Lodge,Coronet,Highlands/Tudor Tavern,Waterloo Motor Inn and if you were in the Muskokas the Kee to Bala[the only one still going]. The bands that traveled through here are legendary now,some still touring and others relegated to the back pages of our minds.
Longneck quartz bottles at the Tudor, fancy show bands at the Matador, the funniest waiter I have ever encountered at the Leisure Lodge,trying to find our way home in a drunken stupor from the Coronet and crawling out of Lake Muskoka to see a live Saturday night show at the Kee.
Myles and Lenny
Prism–a unknown band called the cars opened for them
A foot in cold water
Major Hooples Boarding House
McLean and McLean
Jack the Bear
Jason–Steve Smith introduced his “Red Green ” character in this show band
Triumph–Rik Emmett once threatened to beat me up at the Tudor
Max Webster
April Wine
The madcats
Doucette–he may have had only one song, but what a song
Copper Penny
Goddo………….These were just some of the acts that played these bars. Kind of beats a drunk woman singing a Janis Joplin tune now don’t it. Well I think I will go put on a Max Webster album and chill. Till next time, keep on rocking

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10 thoughts on “Here Among the Cats

  1. Bob Pointer says:

    Hey, nice to find a recollection like this.
    My old band mentioned online is cool. I played bass for Jack the Bear. I enjoyed seeing all those other bands in the area as well. We opened for Goddo
    Remember Wireless?

  2. I do indeed remember Wireless, and eventually i want to do a story on Jack The Bear because for many of my age group it was a band that we all went to see as often as possible. I have done one here on Major Hoople’s, and am working on one about Copper Penny as well. Thanks for the comment and hopefully in the new year I can start working on the Jack the Bear Story.

    1. Bob Pointer says:

      That would be great! I have some scraps of clippings and posters for you. I think everyone is still alive and kicking. Hespeler Hotel and Nicholson’s were our regular stompin grounds. We brought rock to the Tudor Tavern.

      Remember Thundermug? Of course you do.
      I have Uriah Heep on the stereo(computer, actually).

      1. I will get ahold of you in the new year about a story. Hespeler Hotel and Nick’s, oh man I am having flashbacks. Thundermug played at GCI when i was there and as for Uriah Heep, I have the Wizard,Stealing and the Magicians Birthday on myMp3

  3. Bob Pointer says:

    I have been re-organizing a few things a found some Jack the Bear relics. Tudor Tavern, Balinger’s, and Hespeler Hotel newspaper ads as well as the original art from 1976 Jack the Bear poster. I have them scanned and ready to send.

    Great blog

    1. James Hillis says:

      Would love to see the stuff you have

      1. Bob Pointer says:

        Try these links. I will try to insert a picture.
        Not sure if it will work.

        1. James Hillis says:

          The links all work,thanks, all i need is a little more history on the band and away we go!

          1. Bob Pointer says:

            You have to have partied to the Terraplane Blues Band. I am sure Downchile came later. Brian Cober had his slide doing magic back then.

  4. Grant Paulter says:

    Can you guys stop reminicing like this, you are making me long for those good old days of live music in the region. At least music that mattered. LOL

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