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The men who were young at heart started arriving a little after twelve on this cool sunny Saturday afternoon in Hespeler. It was Hockey day in Canada and in about one hour the parking lot of the Hespeler legion would be transformed into a makeshift Hockey Arena and the Men of the Legion would, for the second year in a row play for the coveted Beehive Classic. They wore the sweaters of the teams they supported, there were Maple leaf sweaters as well as St.Louis,Edmonton,Boston,Calgary, Montreal and Detroit, as well as a few others including a couple of Shamrock Sweaters. They sported nicknames like Happy Harry,King Henry,Blackie,Brewster,Greener and Bucket Head to name just a few, and like true pro’s the pre game banter was all about giving verbal jabs and getting some back.
As they were being called out to the lot to begin this battle the last stragglers finished their pre-game training fluid, gathered up their equipment and headed out into the sunshine for a true outdoor classic. And a classic it was, from the first faceoff to the Intermission where a few beers and a few cigarettes were had to the final whistle to end the game they played their hearts out. there were a few knockdowns, a few calls by the referee that were disputed, a couple of good goals and the usual in game banter that goes on from Coast to Coast when people get together for a good old fashioned Road Hockey game. At times the hockey sticks were flying like the flippers on a pinball machine, and the biggest concern was losing the tennis ball down either of the hills that surrounds the legion, and in true Canadian tradition there was even a call of “CAR” as Gary”Shaft”Boomer drove his taxi onto the playing area.
So who won the game? Who knows or for that matter who cares? The main thing was that these good Old Boy‘s had fun and everyone survived to enjoy the post game party inside the legion. This is what Canada is truly about, and we don’t see enough of it these day’s.

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