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The sky was dark and the wind was raw

I had to down another Jack to keep the voices in my head

Welcome to Ontario the road sign said.

After many years away, the voices were calling me home

Your place is at your fathers side

You have had your years to roam

Your father is dying,my Grandfathers voice sighed

The family weeps without you

He needs his youngest by his side

As he will be gone before the morning dew.

Grandfather, grandfather silently i cried

I don’t know if i have the strengh

It’s been a long time since i have been home

Do they understand me,or have i lost their respect?

Only time can heal the wounds

My Grandfathers voice whispered back

You must hurry my grandson and beat the rising moon

But keep your lifes visions on the right track.

That was ten years ago and i made it home in time

I kissed my fathers Cheek and wiped the tears from my Mothers eye

That’s the day my Grandfathers voice stopped it’s rhyme

The reason i now know why

He guided me back to where i belong

Inside this peaceful little town all my hopes and dreams reside

He saved my life while i watched the end of my fathers song

One son had gone to his father and another had come home.

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    Nicely written article

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    thank good aritcle

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