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Sometimes it seems that the mind can play tricks on you, or does it?
Baseball has been a big sport in my Dad’s family as far back as i can trace. My Great-Grandfather, my Grandfather, my Father and his brother all played at one level or another. My brother at one time was scouted by the Cincinnati Reds and myself and 4 of my cousins all played at the amateur level and reached the highest levels possible. And last night my grandson began his introduction into the world of baseball. Which leads me to this story.
The sky was a little overcast as Ben’s game began, and as i watched the game i lay in the grass and looked into the clouds and for a brief minute could have sworn that the clouds formed the faces of my Great-Grandfather, Grandfather and my Dad and they were smiling to see another generation of ball players in the family. After Ben singled in a run i looked again but the clouds were gone and the game went on.
Were they really looking down or was my imagination wanting them too? It really doesn’t matter because i know in my heart they were there.

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