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My father died 12 years ago and at the time of his death had a pet Collie that he loved and that loved him back. Just weeks after my fathers passing “Duke” suddenly died in his sleep and was buried under my fathers favorite bench in the backyard of the family home to be reunited with his master.
A few months later i was out with my dog for a walk and decided to walk past the park that was a favorite spot for my Dad and Duke to go walking and again i remind you that whether what i saw was real or my mind working overtime is for you to decide even though i feel it was real.
As i entered the park my dog seemed to sense another animal or two and hesitantly went with me into the wooded area. As i got near a group of trees i saw an image of a man walking a dog that looked like my dad and duke, also there was another man walking a dog with him that resembled my Great-Grandfather, even though the dog i did not know. These images only lasted for a few seconds as another dog and his master entered the area that i was in and we continued our walk in peace and quiet.
I go back to that Little park often when walking the dog and occasionally i catch a glimpse of my dad and duke and as i have learned “goose” and my great-Grandfather walking together enjoying their eternity together. It doesn’t happen every time and i wonder how many other spirits are in that park walking their beloved animals. Perhaps someday i will be there as well and someone in family will feel the peace that i do when it occurs.

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