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What do you have faith in? As Don McLean Say’s in “American Pie” Do you
have faith in God above, Do you believe in Rock and Roll, Can Music
save your mortal soul! And what is faith? Is Faith believing what our
elected leaders tell us is right? Do your Church elders ask you to have
faith in them? As I have stated before I believe in many Gods, but only
have faith in myself. The reason is simple, I believe in doing what is
right, but if I listen to others I will be told that there are 3 ways
different from what I believe. Religion and Faith are two different
things. I have faith that I will do things right, that I will be
faithful to my companion,that I will love my children and grandchildren
equally and that i will Honor my ancestors with the respect they
deserve. I have faith that in the end I will be remembered by friends
and family as a honest man and a good man. I have faith in my abilities
to perform my job to the level of excellence that is expected of me. I
have faith that iwill continue to respect the Mother Earth and treat
her and her inhabitants with the respect they deserve. And i do have
faith that Music can save our mortal soul. PEACE

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