The Cooper Street Relic

Just another blog from The Republic Of Hespeler

Alright so it is already here, but now the weather is getting better and it feels like spring. Anyway here are some more mindless sputterings from the Lane Sometimes i wonder, does Angela Jolie wonder what i am wearing?Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will make me go in a corner and …

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To my Dad a good joke or story was as important to life as food or drink. He loved to tell story‚Äôs and to have a good time, and he had many a good time. Many people say i have a warped sense of humor and can pull a story out of anything, but in …

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As an avid reader and blogger, i felt i needed someplace to put my”best of” so to speak. Story’s, pictures and just aimless ramblings. And yes, that nome in my shoe is real!!! I Think!